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We ensure the integrity of your data.

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It's every business owner's worst nightmare. Some kind of catastrophe has occurred - your office experienced a flood or fire, a machine was damaged, or a criminal stole your hard drive. A total loss - all financial records, accounting information, emails, contact info, projects - losing the wrong data could put you out of business. Fortunately, Gem City PC Services offers extremely affordable backup solutions to keep this nightmare from becoming a reality. We also provide services to recover your data if a disaster has already occurred.

Off-site Storage

The most effective way to prevent a complete data loss disaster is to ensure that all critical data is regularly backed up to keep it safe. Gem City PC Services offers cloud storage solutions which guarantee prevention of data loss.

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Protect Sensitive Information

We also specialize in making sure your data is not only recoverable in case of disaster, but also protected from criminals and hackers. Our secure backup methods make it very difficult for anyone to intercept the data as it's being transferred across the network to a safe location.

Prevent A Disaster

We cannot express how important it is for your data to be secured. Further, it is crucial that if you already had your information secured with another backup process, that you verify that the data backup was implemented correctly, or your sensitive data may not actually be secure. We don't mean to alarm you unnecessarily, but without proper backups, it's very possible for you to lose everything stored on your computers - it happens every day. Please contact us today to keep this easily preventable disaster from happening to your business.

What We Offer

Click on a service to read more about what we can do for you. For questions and pricing, contact us and we will get back to you immediately.

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